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January 26th 2011

The bearded Batman

2173449736 224x300 The bearded Batman
Before you mock this Batman costumer for not shaving before putting on his cowl, note that we have seen a fully bearded Batman before; when he sealed himself in the Batcave for a month to break his addiction to Venom.
3877120061113003426larg 192x300 The bearded Batman

August 3rd 2010

Bat Leisure Time!

BatmanCaughtReading02 247x300 Bat Leisure Time!Here we catch Batman taking some time off… to read?  Artist unfortunately unknown.

July 12th 2010

Batman is a hoarder

ulisesfarinas.com20100329batman is a hoarder 235x300 Batman is a hoarderUlises Farinas gives us a cute look at one of Batman’s lesser known neuroses: his hoarding! As seen in previous entries, the Batcave is full of trophies, souvenirs, evidence, and other junk. He just can’t seem to throw anything away!  Maybe it’s a good thing, as Batman also holds some of the most dangerous objects in the world for safekeeping, including a cache of every kind of kryptonite (just in case).

July 10th 2010

Secrets of the Batcave

dick sprang secrets of the batcave 300x210 Secrets of the Batcave
Here is a Golden Age rendering of the Batcave by 1940s Batman artist Dick Sprang. Some of the classic mainstays: the giant penny, the mechanical T-Rex, array of Batmobiles, Batcomputer (note the ticker tape instead of monitors), crime lab and trophy room.

And below is a more modern take on the cave from All-star Batman and Robin. Note the addition of the the armor museum.

ASBR04 06 11r1 300x76 Secrets of the Batcave

May 10th 2010

The Batmobile

batmobile 300x190 The BatmobileOne of the world’s most famous vehicles, the Batmobile has always been a big part of Batman’s arsenal. Much more so than his costume, Batman’s automobile has gone through many notable revisions, forcing the Batcave to double as a glorified parking lot.  Part assault vehicle, part mobile hospital, it’s impossible to imagine Batman without his ultra sleek, ultra fast getaway car.

April 30th 2010

The Batnerd

batmanseated 300x225 The BatnerdDespite his prowess at fighting common street thugs, Batman has never been shown to use anything but the most advanced in crime fighting technology. Universally regarded as one of the most intelligent characters in his world, it has often been said that his superpower is his mind.

April 29th 2010

Enter The Batcave

batcave 300x225 Enter The BatcaveHere we see the Batcave, an integral part of the Batman myth, complete with state of the art computer, indefatigable butler, high ceilings and poor lighting.