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March 3rd 2011

Pimp My Batmobile!

If you think that Lucius Fox built the first Batmobile, you’d be wrong! Get the real story here courtesy of the guys at BarelyPolitical “Ja, we can do all that, Herr Fledermaus.”

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March 2nd 2011

Batman!!! The TV Show: The Play

Batman the TV Show the Play 300x195 Batman!!! The TV Show: The PlayPandemonium reigns when the theft of a molecular mass divisor signals the first domino to fall in a nefarious crime wave to topple the noble city of Gotham. Who will rescue the fair citizens of this great metropolis?!?! Holy obvious set up, old chum!! It’s none other than that dynamic duo Batman and Robin, the caped crusaders of justice, freedom and tortured aphorisms!  Written and directed by Jim Fourniadis, this play spoofing the 1960s television show had a 2005 run at San Francisco’s Darkroom Theater.

Joker Riddler Penguin Catwoman 300x199 Batman!!! The TV Show: The Play

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March 1st 2011

Vengeance from above

batman cho 238x300 Vengeance from aboveBatman by Frank Cho

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February 28th 2011

Behold the BatGod

caveman batman 198x300 Behold the BatGod

When Batman was sent back to the beginning of time, he inadvertently set in motion a series of events that would lead to inspiring himself to later become Batman. Wearing the carcass of a giant demon bat, he inspired the ancient Miagani cave tribe to worship him and await his return for thousands of years. It was his actions that  inserted the inherent fear of bats into all men.

It is the crumbling relic of his cape, found by Red Robin in a secret area of the Batcave that proves to the world that he is only time-lost, not dead.   Now, having returned from the grave, and having become a defining force in mankind’s development, Dick Grayson tongue-in-cheekly, but tellingly  introduces him as BatGod on his return.

1600408 1274654 miagani super super 300x150 Behold the BatGod

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February 27th 2011

What if Bruce Wayne wasn’t an orphan?

he loves his parents 198x300 What if Bruce Wayne wasnt an orphan?

If Bruce Wayne’s childhood wasn’t marred by tragedy, he very well could have ended up having adventures like another young gazillionaire :) Aww, what wacky hijinks could have been.

1253921210 richie rich 65a 197x300 What if Bruce Wayne wasnt an orphan?

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February 26th 2011

The Legend of Damian Wayne

The Legend of Batman 300x225 The Legend of Damian WayneIn flash forwards, we have seen the current Robin, Damian Wayne serving as a completely ruthless Batman some unknown number of years in the future. The page above sums up his hypothetical history. The fifth panel is the most troublesome, as it shows a dead Batman.  Who exactly is under the cowl, is still unclear.  One more tidbit, it has been hinted that Damian made a deal with the devil in order to patrol Gotham effectively.  It remains to be seen if this future will indeed come to pass.

whatever you say batman 291x300 The Legend of Damian Wayne

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February 25th 2011


owlman 473x600 236x300 Owlman

Owlman is the alternate Batman from the parallel universe Earth-3 where the world lives in fear of the Crime Syndicate, featuring evil versions of the Justice League.  Their first meeting is re-imagined in the animated film: Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths. He is written as a brilliant, albeit completely amoral nihilist, attempting to destroy the multiverse on principle alone.

tumblr l6pi2sJkUt1qzm8t7o1 500 216x300 Owlman

Although there have been multiple reboots to the multiverse, Owlman’s generally accepted origin is that he is Thomas Wayne Jr., a younger brother that our universe’s Bruce Wayne never had. Thomas Jr. saw his mother and brother shot by a policeman, and much like our other Anti-Batmen, dedicated his life to opposing the law.  An additional wrinkle is that his father, Thomas Sr. is now police chief, and both are obsessed with eliminating each other.

Tiny Titans Batman Robin Owlman Talon 300x297 Owlman

Our universe (Earth-1) has recently gained its own Owlman. Roy Raymond, Jr., grandson of a Golden Age character. A disgraced investigative journalist, he is said to be an excellent detective. In another case of “Batman predicting everything”, Alfred Pennyworth was instructed to recruit and outfit Roy to join the Outsiders during Batman’s Final Crisis disappearance.

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February 24th 2011

Holy Holyisms, Batman!

One of the many lasting contributions to popular culture of the 1960s Batman television serial was the phrase “Holy ____, Batman!”, with Robin replacing the blank with a word relevant to the current scene. Uttered at least once per episode, it was highly influential in establishing the individual personality of Robin as an impulsive teen with a penchant for corny wordplay rather than just a younger, more colorfully dressed Batman.

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February 23rd 2011

Rubberneck Batman

3076553590 3f2874fa87 300x225 Rubberneck Batman It’s always fun to see a Keaton era costume in person. A big weakness of these film costumes was obvious: the actor playing Batman couldn’t turn his head. This was lampshaded in The Dark Knight when Christian Bale’s Bruce Wayne asks for a less bulky suit so he can finally turn his head.  The new headpiece was built more like a motorcycle helmet over neck armor versus a one piece rubber neck sock as in years past. The rest of the suit followed er… suit. Instead of a solid rubber suit molded to the actor’s body, the new batsuit was built as a series of armored panels connected by elastic mesh. And still, no rubber nipples.

00017008 batman4 300x281 Rubberneck Batman

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February 22nd 2011

Batman with Chainsaw Nunchucks

Batman with Chainsaw Nunchucks by ninjaink 300x240 Batman with Chainsaw NunchucksWhere does he get those wonderful toys? via NinjaInk at DeviantArt

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